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What are the different 'levels' of the Deep Web?

Jun 292017

Original posted on 8th June 2016 at http://rahul2001.com/weblog/2016/06/what-are-the-different-levels-of-the-deep-web

These aren't official, just general internet slang:

Level 0

The stuff you browse everyday: YouTube, DuckDuckGo, Facebook, etc.

Level 1 - Surface Web

This level is still accessible through normal means, but contains "darker" websites, such as Reddit.

Level 2 - Bergie Web

This level is the last one normally accessible: all levels that follow this one have to be accessed with a proxy, Tor or by modifying your hardware. In this level you can find some “underground” but still indexed websites, such as 4chan.

Level 3 - Deep Web

The first part of this level has to be accessed with a proxy. It contains Hacking, Adult Content, etc. This is the beginning of the Deep Web. The second part of this level is only accessible through Tor, and contains similar stuff.

Level 4 - Charter Web

This level is also divided in two parts. The first can be accessed through Tor. Things such as drug and human trafficking, banned movies and books and black markets exist there.

The second part can be accessed through a hardware modification: a “Closed Shell System”. This is serious. This part of the Charter Web contains Illegal Content, experimental hardware information ("Gadolinium Gallium Garnet Quantum Electronic Processors"), but also darker information, such as the "Law of 13", World War 2 experiments, and even the location of Atlantis.

Level 5 - Mariana's Web

A place where AIs come together and comment on cat videos. You need access to quantum computers to see this stuff...

Why would you want to run an old OS?

Jun 212017

Original posted on 8th May 2016 at http://rahul2001.com/weblog/2016/05/why-do-you-want-to-run-an-old-os

Note: this post was inspired by this. This article deals mostly with Windows.

  1. I am a computer hobbyist who wants to experience what computers were like two decades ago.
  2. I want to play retro games and get the real experience.
  3. I have some really old hardware which I would like to get working again just for the nostalgic feeling.
  4. I want my kids to see what operating systems were like before they were born.
  5. My Grandmother can't use anything newer than Windows 98.
  6. Because Metro is just sh*t.
  7. Because my PC won't run anything newer than ME.
  8. Because I'm in love with the 3D maze screensaver.
  9. Because LindowsOS is the best.
  10. Because I want to set up a telnet server in DOS.
  11. I wanna try linux 1.0.
  12. etc, etc...


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