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Gossipmonger is an anonymous online chatting application that I worked on when I was bored, frustrated and had nothing to do.

It's simple. If multiple users type in the same parameters, they get connected to the same chat room.


Q: Is this really anonymous?
A: Totally! No user information is stored or collected (including IP Addresses).

Q: How many messages are stored?
A: The last 50 messages (including room notifications) are stored on the server, the older ones are deleted in real-time.

Q: Is this secure?
A: Indeed! HTTPS is enforced!

Q: Who made this?
A: A bored 16 year old.

Q: Can you recover old messages?
A: (Un)fortunately, that is not possible.

Q: Are there any new features planned for the future?
A: Yes! Including, but not limited to user-pinging, markdown formatting, desktop notifications and other stuff.

Q: I love this! Can I help in any way?
A: You sure can! Maintaining a presence on the internet and running a free service can be expensive... Send me an email to know how you can donate <code@mydomain>.

Q: I found a bug!
A: EMAIL ME NOW! <code@mydomain>

Q: Why are there no moderation/censorship tools?
A: Simply because we rely on the users to be nice and not spam the platform. Please be nice. Excessive inappropriate/disruptive behavior will lead to an IP ban.

Q: Are TOR users welcome here?
A: As long as they aren't abusing the system, definitely!

Q: Are there any limits on conversation topics?
A: Not really, but keep all talk to PG-13 levels please.

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