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Thoughts on Startups

Jun 292017

Original posted on 4th February 2017 at http://rahul2001.com/weblog/2017/02/thoughts-on-startups

Hey, Rahul! Do you know how to make an app?

This is a statement that I've heard countless times over the past few years, ever since I've gained popularity in school as a geek/programmer.

The next statement is usually "I have a brilliant idea for a startup, I just need you to implement it."

From juniors, to seniors to even teachers, everyone appears to have amazing ideas which have never been though of before and hold the capibility to earn millions of dollars. But that's not how this works. There's a reason why most stratups fail, and it's because they don't even have a good idea, let alone plan.

I've never had my own startup, but even I know that the first thing to do is to find a real-life problem, then solve it using technology. You cannot just come up with some shattering new idea on the spot, that rarely happens, if ever.

It's even more annoying when they're after me for months to help them out with an idea that I know is destined to fail. I don't like to kill your enthusiasm, but the next time that you see me, please think before calling me out, does your idea actually have the capability to make a difference?

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