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Using diskpart to reformat corrupt drives

Jun 292017

Original posted on 18th May 2017 at http://rahul2001.com/weblog/2017/05/using-diskpart-to-reformat-corrupt-drives

Okay, so. Over the years I've come across several corrupt drives. And in my experience, if it is at all possible to make them usable again, this method will do it for you:

  1. Open cmd as an administrator.
  2. Run diskpart.
  3. Type in select disk.
  4. Then enter select disk <yourdisk>.
  5. Type in clean.
  6. Then enter select disk <yourdisk> again.
  7. Finally run the command create partition primary.
  8. Open Windows Explorer, right click on your drive, and format it.

That's it, you should be able to use your drive normally again!

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